Poems on life

Big fat weddings

Let us beg
Steal or borrow!
Let us go hungry
And save our pennies!
Let us invite
Tom, Dick and Harry!
Let them know
Of our grand heritage!
Let the world see
How ancient we are!
How modest and pretty
Our women are!
Let the bride be decked
Like a Christmas tree!
Let diamonds and gold
Glitter and shimmer!
Please smile and pose,
For we are stars today!
Every inch of us today
Cost us a fortune!
Let us hire a limousine
Or a Mercedes at the least!
Let us choreograph
Life as it happens!
Let us feed our guests
Up to their nose!
Let us sing and dance
Through the night!
Let the booze flow,
Let the girls dance,
Let money run
Fast down the drain!
Long live
Big fat weddings!
What is life
Without foolishness?!
Poems on life


Someone visited me yesterday.
He stood tall in my backyard.

Eyes bright,
Eager, expectant.

Dread filled me, and panic.
I shivered, looking at him.

He looked awesome.
And I loved him.

I thought of his story,
How he had come, this far.

And the legacy,
Of arrogant dignity.

Then he turned,
And moved away.

I thought of my children,
Of horrifying stories.

I ran and killed him.

How I wish it ended there.
Just as Promethean guilt.

But I am doomed to regret
And wept for a kinship no more.

For a beautiful being,
Suddenly no more.

I killed the snake
That visited me
In my loneliness.

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adult blur books close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have been taught about planets
Celestial bodies and comets.
I have been taught about how
It all began with a big bang!

I have learnt of people near and far,
Of lands strange and awesome.
I have learnt how the mind works,
And how intricate the body is!

Yet, how inadequate!
How very ignorant I feel!
How helpless!
How I clutch at straws!

I have embarked on a journey,
With no compass, no map;
I don’t know the terrain,
Have no shoes on my feet!

Algebra and thermodynamics,
Phonetics and linguistics,
Rhetoric and philosophy,
Never told me how to live!

So unprepared,
Untaught, ignorant,
In the art and science of life.