Personal observations on life

Argumentative compositions

Two ways to write an argumentative composition

  1. attack the opponent: Give each of the opposing views and then give yours, showing that yours is the better view.
  2. balanced approach: Look at both sides of the argument and finally give your view. In this case the structure of the composition would be a) introduction b) points in favour c) points against and d) conclusion (your opinion)

writing introductions to argumentative essays

  1. Introduce the topic with a) definition of the main words of the topic, b) by saying that the topic is an ‘oft-debated one’ or c) a related quotation.
  2. State why the topic is important
  3. State whether there is a difference of opinion about this topic
  4. Describe how your essay will be structured and and clearly state your main argument.

Sample introduction (topic: examinations should be abolished)

An examination is a mode of determining whether a student is eligible to undertake higher education or a candidate is able to fulfil the demands of a job he has applied for. This topic is of paramount importance today, as educational reforms are being carried out almost in every country of the world. As examination is a core issue in a civilized society, topics such as this will give rise to views which may be sharply opposite to one another.

Writing a paragraph

Each paragraph should have 1) the topic sentence that gives the main argument b) explanation of this point and 3) reasons to say so.

The types of reasons that may be used in a argumentative composition: facts, statistics, words of experts, and personal experience.

Linking paragraphs

If the new paragraph gives an additional point on the idea that is already stated, you can use expressions such as ‘another reason’, ‘another factor’ etc, to begin it. If the new paragraph gives a contrasting idea, you can use expressions such as ‘on the other hand’, However this is not always the case’ etc,.

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