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The ‘low’ social status of teachers

School teaching is considered a ‘low’ status profession in many parts of the world. Teaching is the last resort for a person, who would much rather take up a job that pays better and is viewed as a ‘high status’ job in society, like an engineer or a doctor, or at least a university professor. There are many reasons for this being the case:

Low remuneration

It is undeniable that no matter how many years of experience a person has put in, the salary of a teacher in many parts of the world is not substantial. In many cases, it is a pittance. In a world where money equates status, teaching as a profession fares poorly.

‘Anyone can teach’

Teaching is a profession that everyone feels they can dabble in, if they feel like it. There is no special knowledge or skill required to teach primary school Mathematics or secondary school Social Studies, as long as you have a bachelor degree and have reasonable grades.

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