Personal observations on life

Andrew’s smile

Andrew is a student of mine. he is one of those students who have fallen by the wayside on his journey towards academic success. He does not do well in studies; cannot write more than a few sentences. He is a very, very slow learner.

Andrew is one of those children whom our education system has failed.

His life revolves around his grandmother, who is his guard against bullies. His father does not know what to do with him, and he does not talk about his mother.

Recently, I saw Andrew dancing on his own in the empty hall as students were leaving after assembly. It was an incredible sight. He was dancing with abandon to the music that was being played. His steps were fast and rhythmic. He was not the slow learner I knew.

I went up to him, extended my hand and said, ‘You are dancing very well.”

Andrew’s face broke into a glorious smile, I saw such joy that it brought tears to my eyes. It struck me that this might have been the only compliment that Andrew had received in a long, very long time.

Andrew’s smile filled me too with joy. I knew I had touched some soft spot of his soul.

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