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RIP Sushant Singh Rajput

I have seen just one of his films – PK. However, that was enough to come to the conclusion that Sushanth Singh Rajput was a talented actor who would go places. No words to describe the sense of loss that I feel at his death.

As a total stranger, I know nothing about this actor as a person. I hear that he had a girl friend, an expensive car and a house in Bandra West. He always looked like he was happy and enjoying his success.

Why did he have to do it?

The question is an important one. It is high time we found answers.

Mental illness is taboo

In our society, talking about mental health is taboo. It is the big elephant in the room that everyone ignores. Families with members who are mentally ill engage in a pact of silence about the problem. The worst of the matter is that even mild stress is considered in the same league as serious psychosis. No one wants to marry a person who has taken even one pill for depression or stress at some time in their lives. If mental illness runs in a family, no one would want to marry from that family. In all our films and media, people with mental illness are typically presented as weirdos that have to be chained up in a mental asylum.

Is there hope?

It is time to wake up. People with mental illness are as normal as you and me. They look happy and successful, and seem least likely to be suffering. However, they may have had a traumatic childhood, or may have been neglected in childhood by major care givers. There could have been other childhood trauma. There may be chemical imbalances in their brain and aberrations in thinking. Whatever the cause is, the fact of the matter is that mental illness can be treated effectively. Given the right medication and therapy, they can lead a very fruitful and fulfilling life.

What can be done?

There should be qualified counselors in each school and college so that young people can get help when faced with issues. As every educator knows, the number of young people who face problems in family, society and social media is increasing every day. The country’s health care scenario needs to undergo a sea change. There should be primary health care givers who can be approached easily. They should be able to refer people who need psychological help to qualified psychologists or psychiatrists.

A lot, really, can be done. And should be done as soon as possible.

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