English language teaching

Sample guided writing – a report


In your school grounds, there is some land which is not used at the moment. One idea is to make it a quiet garden where students can relax during school break times. Th Principal asks you to find out what the students think of this idea and to suggest other ways of using this land. The Principal asks you to write a report about the best use for the piece of land.

Write your report. You must include the following:

  • What students think about having a quiet garden
  • What other ideas students have for using the land and why
  • Which of all the ideas you would choose and how students could help to achieve this.

Cover all three points above in detail. You should make sure your report is polite and informative. Start your report ‘To the Principal’ and remember to supply a signature and date


To the Principal,

I, Peter Gates from Year 9 Art, would like to present to you a report on the best use for the piece of land that is not used in our school grounds. I have interviewed many students regarding this, and summarized their views in this report.

Some of the students feel that it is good to have a quiet garden where they can relax during school break times. Such a garden will be an ideal place to sit with friends after having our food at recess time. It will also make our school grounds more beautiful. However, many students feel that the unused land should be used in other ways.

One of the ways suggested by some students is to build an indoor basketball court. Our current basketball court is very old and dilapidated. Also, our country has a hot climate, and we are often unable to play basketball during our CCA time because of the heat. An indoor basketball court will solve these problems. Some other students suggested building a fitness centre and gymnasium for students. They feel that students nowadays lack physical exercise, and during the Physical Education class, they should be allowed to work out in the fitness centre. Another suggestion from students is that we should create an organic vegetable garden in the unused space. They feel that this will be the cheapest option. Students themselves can create and maintain this garden during their weekly CCA lesson. It will help to educate all the students on the importance of growing organic vegetables.

Of all these ideas, I suggest that the organic vegetable garden is the most feasible idea. It will create environmental awareness among our students. All students, under the leadership of the prefects, can be part of working on this garden during our PE and CCA time. We can get seeds and seedlings from our own houses. Classes can take turns to water the plants also.

I hope that our suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Yours Sincerely,




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