English language teaching

Guided writing – Report

Sample question

Your school has been given a sum of money in order to improve the school library. Your Principal has asked you, as a member of the school council, to write a report on the best way to spend this money.

write your report. You must include the following

  • Why the library needs improving
  • what you think should  be done first and why
  • how the students and the school would benefit

Cover all three points above in detail. You should make your report informative and persuasive for the Principal. Start your report ‘To the Principal…’ and remember to add your signature and date.

Sample answer

To the Principal,

Suggestions for improvement of school library

I, Cindy Lee of Year 9 Art. would like to submit the following report as a member of the school council, on the best ways in which our school library could be improved using the money that has recently been given to the school.

The school library needs improvement because in its current condition, it is not of much benefit for our students and teachers. There is not enough reference books in the library in the Sciences and Mathematics. Moreover, there are not enough books of fiction that are of interest to secondary students. I suspect that the library has not bought books in recent years. In addition, there are not enough desks and chairs for students to sit and read.

I believe that first, we need to buy reference books in various subjects and popular books of fiction for the library. This is because currently students are not visiting the library due to the lack of good reference material and interesting story books. Teachers may be entrusted with choosing reference material for the library. As for popular story books that are of interest to students, the school council can help to choose them from the bookshops in the capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan. I also suggest that a bigger room be allotted for the library, so that we can put more desks and chairs for students who want to sit and read in the library.

These changes will certainly be of benefit to students and the school. Students will be able to improve their knowledge in the subjects such as Science and Mathematics using reference books available at the library. More students will start reading books which will improve their language skills. The school as a whole will benefit because a good library is an asset to the school, and it will attract more students to study here. Indirectly, it will improve the performance of the school because once students start reading, their results in the exams will also improve.

I hope that the above-mentioned suggestions for the best ways to spend the money received to improve the school library will be taken into consideration.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Cindy Lee.


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