English language teaching

Guided writing – sample account/statement

Directed writing – account/statement

An unfortunate incident occurred on a school trip recently. An argument arose between a student and the owner of a stall selling drinks by the wayside. As a senior student present, you have been asked to given an account of the incident to the Principal of your school, giving a clear picture of what happened.

Please begin your account with ‘To the Principal’ and end with your signature, name and date. Your account should include the following points.

  • When and where the incident happened
  • who was involved and how the argument arose
  • what complaint was made to the teacher
  • how was the argument finally settled


To the Principal,

I am Ken Murray, a student from Year 9 Art. As requested, I would like to give an account of the argument that happened during our school trip on the 2nd of May 2020, to Jerudong Park, Bandar Seri Begawan.

The argument happened between Lee Wei Ming of Year 7L and the owner of a stall selling soft drinks at the entrance to Jerudong just before we entered the Park. Lee Wei Ming and a few of his friends went to the stall and bought a few cans of Pepsi. I was also at the stall to buy a drink. As soon as Lee Wei Ming bought the can, he opened it and began to drink. Suddenly, he spat the drink out and said that there was a fly inside. He said that he was not going to pay for the drink because there was a fly inside. However, the stall owner said that the fly must have got into the drink after the can was opened. So, there was an argument between the stall holder and Lee Wei Ming.

The stall owner asked me who the teacher in charge of us was. Immediately, I went to Mr. Tony Lim, our class teacher who had accompanied us on the trip, and informed him of the argument. Mr. Tony approached the stall owner immediately and was told about the problem. Lee Wei Ming said that he was not going to pay for an unhygienic drink. The stall owner stuck to this position that the fly had gone into the drink only after it had been opened.

Mr. Tony said that there was really no way of knowing if the fly had entered the can after opening or before that. Therefore, he settled the argument by telling the stall owner that he would pay for the drink from our class fund. Both Lee Wei Ming and the stall holder thanked the teacher.

I hope that this account has given you a clear picture of the argument that happened on our school trip on 2nd May 2020.

Yours Sincerely,

Ken Murray

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