English language teaching

Correct the errors

Correct the mistakes in the following composition. There is one mistake in each sentence which is underlined.

A camping trip that ended unexpectedly

It was the beginning of the summer holiday. My friends and I decide to go on a camping trip. We did some research, and finally decided to go Labi.  We are very excited.

The next day, we packed the necessary stuffs and set off for Labi. It is a long drive. On the way we talked excitingly about all the stuff that we would do there. After about half an hour, we reach Labi.

We set up our tent, and went for a swim on the nearby stream. It was quiet shallow, so we were not scared. My friends tried to catching some fish, but they could not get any. The rocks in the stream were quite slippery, so I don’t  try to swim far.

Soon, it begin to drizzle lightly. We got out of the stream and go into our tent. My friend suggested that we should eating something. He opened our picnic basket and take out the food. All of a sudden, we hear thunder. Immediately, a strong wind blowing, and heavy rain fell. Our tent began to shaking in the wind. We are very scared.

Within minutes, the wind grow stronger and stronger. All of a sudden, our tent is lifted, and it flew away in the wind. We are too shocked to scream or say anything.

“Quick! Run to the car,” I shout to my friends.

All of us run with our picnic stuff to the car. Once inside the car, we let out a sigh of relieve. We are finally out of danger. It was still rained heavily. We decided to waited for a while, and then return home. It was really a camping trip that end unexpectedly.

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