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Why can’t college teachers also work in ration shops?

Recently I read a news item in Kerala’s newspapers that high school and higher secondary teachers are asked to work in ration shops. This is in view of the increased workload in distributing food kits to the needy during the current pandemic period.

We have seen this again and again in India. School teachers are seen as people who can be used for a variety of jobs, be it election duty or door-to-door surveys. I have often wondered why college teachers are exempted from such duties? As it is, college teachers are considered as some superior creatures in Kerala, compared to school teachers.

Don’t mistake me. I am not saying that working in a ration shop is in any way disgraceful. At a time of crisis, we are called to help society in a multitude of ways. I am only saying that there is no need to exempt college teachers and professors from such duties. They are not any kind of superior beings to school teachers. In fact, by being in charge of children in their formative period of life, school teachers are performing a more important role than that of college teachers.

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