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The need for change in the Indian education system

India’s education system is a mammoth that has somehow managed to survive through the ages. . One is very much aware of what ails the Indian education system, only by moving outside the country and looking at how it is done internationally. As a person who has been a student and a teacher in India and now teaching in a foreign country, I feel compelled to point out certain aspects of the Indian education system that needs urgent change.

Low remuneration

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys to work. I am not belittling the teacher population in India. However, one has to face the fact that teaching in a school in India is not a job that the very bright Indian students will aspire for. Teaching, everyone knows, pays little. As a result, bright students do not opt to train for the teaching profession. So, it is little surprise that the quality of teachers in Indian schools is not great. The cream of Indian society do not end up in the teaching profession. They end up being doctors, engineers, IT professionals etc, mostly migrating to the United States in course of time.

However, if you look at the work they do, it is the teacher’s work that is the most vital to society. They are molding future generations. A teacher’s influence stays long past school time. I would think it is way more important than the work of someone who constructs a bridge or a person who writes code. Still, teachers are paid lower than an engineer or an IT professional.

Sometime back, legislation was made to increase the remuneration of University lecturers in India. That is a welcome change. However, I firmly believe that it is the school teachers that deserve to be paid more than university lecturers,  because they are not just imparting knowledge, they are molding character at a very impressionable age.


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