Love in times of Corona virus

It is one of those days when there was a heaviness in the air like a heavy blanket weighing down on a sick person. My office is almost empty, and looks desolate. Even the plants outside look gloomy and dark.

I know I need only my own company. In these days of COVID 19, I need to start loving and taking care of myself more. Let me list the ways in which I will love myself more in times of Corona virus.

  1. I will write because I enjoy writing. Words come out of the dance of my finder tips on my keyboard.
  2. I will engage in beautiful thoughts. I will think good thoughts because it brings a glow to my face and keep my mind healthy.
  3. I will spend quality time with my kids. This is important, because my kids are important to me.
  4. I will spend time with my pets. They bring certain joy to me.
  5. I will do gardening, because it is something I love to do.
  6. I will oversee the cooking at home and other household affairs. After all, I am the mother of the house.
  7. I will spend sometime beautifying myself. I am getting old, and I have to maintain myself.

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