Personal observations on life

Life in times of Corona

It is quite some time since we visited anyone. It is quite some time since my children’s friends came for a play date. Even children do not want to visit their friends or play with them. Nobody wants to go for a movie or to the park.

Friendships, social niceties and courtesies, – all take a backseat when survival is in question. It is a matter of every man for himself and his family.

Perhaps, it is good to be reminded of what is most important. Your health, the health of your dear ones. That is what matters most.

Education, religion, ambition, climbing the corporate ladder by putting in extra work and pleasing the boss, late night parties and extravagant birthday parties – all take a back seat when health and life is threatened at a very basic level.

Perhaps, it is nature’s way of putting man in his place. It is a reminder that basically man is an animal that can die just like any other animal, if infected by a vicious micro organism. If man wants to escape from it, he has to use his intelligence to find a way out. Only then he is worthy of the moniker the intelligent animal.


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