A Korean Winter – Part 8

Seoul City

From Jeju City we flew to Seoul by T’way Airlines. Soon after we checked into our hotel, we had breakfast which was way more expensive than anything we had had so far. We chalked it down to being inexperienced tourists in Seoul.

Walking around the city centre, we felt a few rain drops on us, and realized that, it was not rain after all, but snow! It was a snowfall! We had never experienced snow before, and we thoroughly enjoyed the little snowflakes falling and settling on our hair, clothes, just about anywhere. The temperature was 1 degree Celsius. Soon, the ground began to be carpeted by snow, and we reveled in it.

In Seoul city we used the subway to travel, and found that it was the cheapest and the quickest way of getting around. We went on a city tour by bus, visiting Gyeongbokgung and the Changgyeonggung Palaces as well as the Seoul Tower. The palaces are steeped in rich history, and are frequented by tourists aplenty in traditional Korean attire. The palace grounds were covered with the previous day’s snow.


palace 2By far the most memorable was the Seoul tower, with its panoramic view of the city. We were fortunate to be able to watch a traditional musical performance while at the tower. Someone told us that we could see North Korea from the heights of the Seoul tower. The view was awesome.

The majestic Seoul tower 
A musical performance at Seoul tower

Shopping was in our agenda of things to do at Seoul. No better place than Myongdong street for shopping. It is truly a shopper’s paradise. We brought K-Pop merchandize, some mementos, typical Korean snacks and so on from there.

Our Seoul visit culminated with the amazing Christmas celebrations at the heart of the city. The lights and other deco were amazing. We felt sad to leave Seoul. The city is a combination of old world charm and modernity, and is incredibly neat and clean. We marveled at the high level of civic mindedness of the residents of Seoul. Another thing that amazed us was the efficiency of the subway. When we had trouble with one of the ticket vending machines, complete strangers helped us readily. The system is flawless.

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