A Korean winter – part 5

To Seogwipo

Sunrise peak was a beautiful experience. With that we said good bye to Jeju Seongsan and set out on our way towards Seogwipo. We found a very jovial taxi driver to take us. All along  the way, we found orange trees on the side of the road; different types of oranges. Orange farms were found every now and then. Not a soul, not even the birds, were interested in tampering with nature’s bounty, and all the oranges were intact on their little trees. No passerby plucked a single one. We also treated those endless orange trees by the roadside with reverence. When we wanted to taste those oranges, we bought by the dozens for 2000 won, very cheap by any standards. And boy! They tasted heavenly.orange trees

Off we went, and soon reached a place that seemed bathed in deep pink. It was an orchard of Camellia trees in full bloom. They were exquisitely beautiful, and present in abundance. There were some tourists apart from us there; all of us gaping at the sea of camellia flowers. The orchard is so well-maintained that it looks fresh and untouched even though scores of tourists come to look at them and go wow. It was truly a feast for the eyes.camellia

If you look at individual camellia flowers, you will find a certain vitality and fresh vibrancy in them.  I felt the whole of Jeju island could be said to be symbolized by the camellia flower: deeply hued, fresh, abundant and very beautiful.

camellia 1

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