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Indian women

These days everyone is busy talking about what is right and great about women. Women are celebrated like never before in all the respectable places even though atrocities against women continue unabated. The most recent one in India leaves one stunned and ashamed. A lady doctor from Hyderabad was raped, killed and burned. I am not sure what the problem here is. Is it men’s lack of fear of the country’s justice system? Is it unsatisfied sexual cravings that rage when a woman is seen alone at night? What prompts a man to attack a woman?

But I digress. This article is about what is wrong with women. It is not about men.

  1. Women do not demand because they feel that they do not deserve. Let me explain. When a girl wants to study abroad, she would most probably look to earn the required money by working or taking a loan. She would not, in most cases, demand that her parents pay for her education abroad. She feels that she should not burden her parents with demands for money. She is not sure whether she deserves to be given more than the basic education. And it is also a curious thing that parents do not think of offering a girl to finance her education abroad. Why ask for trouble? Boys, on the other hand, have no problem with demanding. They are surer of their self-worth. Boys, being the inheritors of parental property, feel that after all it is their own money they are spending, if they study abroad.
  2. Loving attachments weaken a woman. It is often said that men think with their heads whereas women think with their hearts. A woman will think many times before doing anything that may inconvenience the family, and cause trauma to the children even if the chances are remote. Love is the weakness of a woman. She loves too much, cares too much, and as happens with those who care too much, suffers a lot. Any decision a woman makes is gone through many filters. Does it harm my family in any way? Will it affect my children in any way?
  3. A woman in India is basically homeless and rootless. She does not belong to the family she was born in, because she has to leave it at some point and take her husband’s name. She does not continue the family name. She does not own any family property. A girl is someone who is to be the property of someone at some point. So does she belong to the husband’s family? Heaven forbid! She is always the outsider there too. She does not have any claim to that family’s property, although she is supposed to take their name. So where does a woman belong? Nowhere. So what does she do? She compels her husband to build their own house, so that she can call something her house. But not so soon! The house they build belong to the husband, not to the wife. It is his house, where he allows her to live till she dies. So, Indian women are basically homeless and rootless. Around the age of 50, most Indian women realize this, and then they become bitter and angry in general at life itself.

I could go on and on.

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