Personal observations on life


If there’s company I never tire of

That’s books

And the souls that write them.

Bless them!

Jane Austen amuses perpetually,

Yuval Noah Harari stuns.

You can always count on Shakespeare,

And George Bernard Shaw.

Reading amazes, shocks

Enlightens, depresses,

Pulls you apart,

Yet makes you whole.

A pity,

Society prefers the unread

Caught up in the banal and the ordinary.

It prefers easy beliefs,

Ready conformity.

It needs automatons

Day in and day out.

Customs and traditions,

Glorified stupidities

Repeated ad infinitum

Robs life of joy.

Life’s a balancing act perhaps.

between tradition and novelty

Conformity and originality.

Hail life’s spark,

Glow, please glow.

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