A walk barefoot on the grass

woman wearing white floral dress
Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

I like to walk
Barefoot on the grass.
Blades cut softly,
Tickle and prick.

Thick, luscious grass
Invites me
To lie on her lap
And gaze up at the sky.

But sometimes,
Creepy-crawlies lurk,
Scaring me, sending me
On a run.

A sharp stone lies in wait;
Deadly thorns sink
Into the flesh.

Life, seems to me,
Is so much like
A walk barefoot
On the grass.

Invites but frightens,
Caresses but stings,
Embraces but bites,
smiles but frowns.

On misty mornings when the dew falls,
When the newly showered meadows beckon,
I go

For a walk barefoot on the grass.

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