Kerala floods

Before we move to the floods, a word about Mallus aka Keralites.

Mallus are generally looked at with a mixture of admiration, jealousy and hate by non-mallus. There are reasons for this.

  1. Mallus are considered to have a superiority complex. In other words, mallus think they are better than everybody else.
  2. Mallus are considered very intelligent. Intellectual capital of Kerala is amazing.
  3. Mallus like to criticize a lot.
  4. Mallus like to make fun of others often in sarcastic ways or using dark humour.
  5. Mallus are very clan oriented. In any country you go in the world, there will be a ‘Malayali Samajam’ which celebrates Onam on a grand scale, with an authentic banana leaf feast.
  6. All or most Mallus are proud of being Mallus.
  7. Mallus are very resourceful.

I could go on and on.

The recent floods in Kerala showed us what Mallus could do when faced with disaster. All the six points above came into play, and Kerala will be safe again.

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